• Kajitsu-Taikan Series: Kuzushi Aka-Budo1
Kajitsu-Taikan Series: Kuzushi Aka-Budo1

Kajitsu-Taikan Series: Kuzushi Aka-Budo

Japan Tobacco

Kajitsu-Taikan ('Fruit Sensation') is a line of fruit drinks from JT. A new technique that extracts the core taste of the fruit results in unprecedented fruitiness--and maximum enjoyment for the consumer. Kuzushi Aka-Budo ('Crushed Red Grape') was the fourth flavor to be launched. It is designed to taste as good as if you had popped a grape into your mouth and bitten down into it.

Recognizing that Aka-Budo was one of the most popular seasonal fruits of autumn, JT combined a base Concord grapes (whose balance of sweet and sour makes them ideal for drinks) with chopped-up Kyoho grapes and grape jelly, to produce a drink that tastes great and had a delightful texture to boot.

The package design is based on a wine bottle label. The bottlecan itself is in a metallic wine color, while the label features bunches of ripe grapes to express the idea of rich sweetness of taste. The "For a limited time only" stamp in green adds a striking accent to the whole design.

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