• KajitsuTaikan The Grapefruit1
KajitsuTaikan The Grapefruit1

KajitsuTaikan The Grapefruit

Japan Tobacco

In addition to its core cigarette business, Japan Tobacco (JT) is active in the food and beverage industry. JT's KajitsuTaikan ('real sensation of fruit') series uses new technology to extract the original taste from fruit to create particularly tasty juice-based drinks.

'The Grapefruit' brings together the sweetness of red grapefruit, the acidity of white grapefruit and the mouthfeel of fruit pulp. Drinking it feels like biting into a real grapefruit.

The bold design Bravis developed features a large, fresh-looking leaved grapefruit at the top. This makes clear that the juice is squeezed from the whole fruit. At the base of the package is an orange band flecked with bits of pulp. This graphic is a simple way to convey a 'freshly squeezed' image. The wavy gold line above the orange adds a quality feel to this bright, light package.

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