• Kajitsu Taikan Hoobaru Shiromomo1
Kajitsu Taikan Hoobaru Shiromomo1

Kajitsu Taikan Hoobaru Shiromomo

Japan Tobacco

Japan Tobacco (JT), the former government tobacco and salt monopoly, is now a semi-privatized entity. Outside its core cigarette business, it is also active in the food and beverage industry.

JT's Kajitsu Taikan ('real sensation of fruit') series uses new technology to extract the real taste of fruit and to create particularly tasty juice-based drinks. Hoobaru Shiromomo is a jelly-like drink made from puréed Japanese white peaches. With its fresh, juicy taste and rich, pulpy texture, it comes very close to the actual experience of eating a peach. No surprise then to learn that the product name, Hoobaru Shiromomo, means "a mouthful of white peach."

JT is seeking a patent for the innovative 'jelly-in-jelly' technology which enables it to preserve the texture of the original peach by combining a pulpy, textured jelly with ordinary jelly.

The package design combines a generous spread of white peaches in the upper part of the label with a cool and refreshing white at the base to project a soothing springtime mood. We also placed a large icon explaining the unique 'jelly-in-jelly' concept on the shoulder of the bottle. It works as a visual accent while also alerting the consumer to the unique innovative qualities of the drink.

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