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Jardin is a Korean company that specializes in the growing, import and sale of coffee. Its ready-to-drink (RTD) coffee beverages are sold through supermarket chains and convenience stores in Korea.

The Jardin Café Real brand is an authentic coffee with an Italian image (Italy being one of the world's great coffee drinking countries). It comes in two flavors: Mild Black (directly imported Kenyan beans roasted in the north Italian style) and Sweet Black (a southern Italian style drink made from directly imported Colombian beans). The design needed to deliver a twofold message, making clear that while each variety expresses the particularities of a certain region, they both share the same authentic Italian heritage and values.

Bravis created a sophisticated design sure to resonate with the target market (working women in their late twenties). For the southern Italian Sweet Black we used bright and vivid swatches of color to express the life and vigor of the region. Contrastingly, the northern blend featured a stricter grid pattern and silver logo panel that projected a cooler, more restrained image.

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