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Steel Blue Logo
Kawasaki Steel and NKK, two leading Japanese steel producers, established JFE Holdings in 2002. Their aim was to enhance competitiveness through synergy and economies of scale. The combined group, which rivals Nippon Steel in crude steel production volume and is a world leader in steel engineering, needed to develop a new visual identity to complement the new group name.

Creative Response
JFE Group has a clearly articulated corporate vision of 'contributing to society with the world's most innovative technology' coupled with strong corporate values of 'risk-taking, flexibility and sincerity'. Bravis created a new corporate symbol that reflects the company's stance. The rotating globe symbolizes the pursuit of new technologies and opportunities, as well as active communication with customers. Blue - the color of the sea and the sky ? is used to denote the global scope of the JFE Group's business and also has connotations of trustworthiness.The new visual identity helped JFE communicate the fact that it had entered the steel business as a major new force.

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