• Tanigawa-renpo no Uruoi Tennensui1
Tanigawa-renpo no Uruoi Tennensui1

Tanigawa-renpo no Uruoi Tennensui

JR East Water Business

The mineral water brand of JR East, Tanigawa-renpo no Uruoi Tennensui, ('Natural Refreshing Water from the Tanigawa Mountain Range'), is spring water from the Tanigawa Mountains in the Joetsu border region where Niigata and Gunma Prefectures meet.

The label design expresses the idea of rainwater and snow falling on the Tanigawa Mountains then percolating through six different layers of rock, getting filtered and absorbing minerals on its way to bursting out of the mountain once again as fresh spring water. The layout is very simple, with six gentle blue stripes representing the six layers of rock, with the product name and mountain range in white in the foreground. The whole ensemble creates an effect of purity, quality and quiet confidence.

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