• Kuro Zu to Tomato1
Kuro Zu to Tomato1

Kuro Zu to Tomato


As Japanese customers are more and more concerned about their health, Kagome entered the black vinegar market by introducing this Kuro Zu to tomato (Black vinegar and Tomato) product. The sweetness of this vinegar is due to the use of natural ingredients only (vinegar, tomato, apple and honey).

The targets are the usual drinkers of black vinegar and women who want to start drinking black vinegar and elder women who care about their beauty and health.

Bravis developed the package design for Kuro Zu to tomato. The package is mainly black to express the black vinegar, with a strong eye catching red tomato.The gold is showing the high quality of this product, which make it trustworthy to the customers.

- Package Design
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