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Saratto Shikkari Tomato1

Saratto Shikkari Tomato


As the world grows ever more health-conscious, sales of non-carbonated soft drinks are booming. Among these, sweet mixed vegetable juice and thick vegetable drinks that provide your complete daily vegetable intake are two categories that are doing particularly well. Recently, however, consumers have been asking for a new kind of vegetable juice, one that's not sweet and is thin rather than thick.

Saratto, Shikkari, Tomato (meaning something like 'light but nourishing tomato juice') is a product that Kagome created in response to this demand. In an increasingly crowded market, it was important to state the positioning and flavor concept in the most direct and economical way. That's why Bravis designed the name logotype to cover the whole surface area of the package. The pale blue color used at the top of the pack is an unusual color for the category and was deployed to give a sense of something new having arrived on the scene, as well as a suggestion of healthfulness and quality ingredients.

- Name Creation
- Package Design
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