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Kanjuku Tomato Nabe1

Kanjuku Tomato Nabe


Kagome's Kanjuku Tomato Nabe, a sweet tomato soup-sauce for Japanese nabe stews, is to be sold for a limited period only from July 31, 2008 to February 2010. It combines the sweetness and tartness of tomatoes in a full flavor that the whole family can enjoy together.

Bravis created a bold, confident and exciting package design, as befits a new tomato product from Kagome, a firm already famous for its tomato paste and tomato juice. The design also projects the heartiness and warmth associated with nabe stew. To make clear that this is a nabe soup children are certain to enjoy, the product name is written in large, easy-to-read brushstrokes, with the stew itself presented temptingly behind it.

- Name Creation
- Package Design
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