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TomaRepi! Series1

TomaRepi! Series


Core Competence: The Tomato
A Japanese food company with roots stretching back to 1899, Kagome was originally a specialist in tomato products. The company now produces a wide range of fruit and vegetable products but still remains most famous for its tomato purée, tomato ketchup and tomato juices.

The TomaRepi! name is an abbreviation of the phrase 'Simple Tomato Recipes I can cook.' The brand was created to give people an easy and fun way to expand their repertoire. Based around Kagome's core competence in the tomato, TomaRepi! offers a range of sauces for classic Japanese, Chinese and Western dishes. Anyone with a frying pan can now rustle up the meal they want when the fancy takes them.

Creative Response
Bravis developed a distinctive brand identity and brand name to boost the product's level of recognition in the marketplace. For the visual identity we created a friendly and accessible design motif based around a heart-shaped tomato with a mascot character speaking directly to the consumer (see top left of package).

As the target market of homemakers generally want to be made aware of the key facts about a new product as fast as possible we designed a package that explained with maximum simplicity the convenience of the product, how to prepare it and what the ingredients are.

Having established a casual and friendly mood through the cute brand character, we underscore this by using friendly fonts and icons to present key information. This created the impression of an interesting new product having arrived on the scene and presented the product as a 'partner in the kitchen,' actively making helpful recipe suggestions.

Occupying the whole bottom half of the package, the large size of the pictures of the completed dishes is deliberate. The pictures look tasty and conjure memories of the good cheer of a family meal.

There was a delightful TV advertising campaign for TomaRepi! featuring Haruna Ai as a 'tomato magician.'

- Name Creation
- Package Design
- Character Design
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