• Sarada Somenyo Tomato Tsuyu1
Sarada Somenyo Tomato Tsuyu1

Sarada Somenyo Tomato Tsuyu


Summertime and the Cooking is Easy
This is a tomato-based dipping sauce for cold noodle salads. The concept is to enable people to rustle up a refreshing summer dish by pulling together whatever cold vegetables and noodles they have in their refrigerator and flavoring the resulting noodle salad with the tsuyu sauce. It aims to broaden summertime eating options while also providing a way to get children to enjoy eating healthy fresh vegetables.

As tomato-based dipping sauce was an entirely new item, it was crucial to develop a package design that got the concept across in a direct and easy-to-understand fashion.

Creative Response
To this end, the whole front of the package Bravis created is covered with tempting colorful pictures of the ingredients and of the finished dish. A green stamp makes it clear that the sauce is ready to serve, and that all the consumer need do is place the noodles and vegetables in a bowl.

By placing the bowl of noodles against a pale blue place mat we created a bright, summery atmosphere and increased the product's distinctive character and visibility in the dipping sauce section of the supermarket.

- Package Design
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