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'Tsuyu' is a dipping sauce for noodles. This Italian Tsuyu from Kagome, a major processor of fruit and vegetables, is made from six varieties of fish and shellfish with chunks of ripe tomato. It has a full-bodied umami taste.

In 2010, Kagome released Sarada Somenyo Tomato Tsuyu, a tomato-based dipping sauce for cold noodle salads. This new Italian Tsuyu (2012) adds to the range with a product that can be poured directly on to cold noodles for a simple, one-dish meal.

Since Italian Tsuyu was a new concept, Kagome wanted a design that clearly proclaimed (a) the flavor and (b) the convenience of the product.

The right hand side of the package features the product brand name in a tricolor band based on the green, white and red stripes of the Italian flag. Extending this color combination to the whole package makes it abundantly clear that this is tsuyu with an Italian taste.

At the top left of the package is a tomato with three bundles of noodles and the copy: 'The only thing you need to prepare yourself are the cold noodles!' Coupled with the large photograph at the foot of the design, the communication of the product concept could not be clearer.

The white tabletop evokes the sunny climate of Italy, and the tomatoes, herbs and olive oil bottle clustered around the main dish suggest a refreshing, elegant dining experience.

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