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Clean is the Color
Kao sells its Bioré brand of body soap throughout Southeast Asia. The brand had a dual positioning: in the Japanese market (under the name Bioré-u), the prime focus was more on the family; in the rest of Southeast Asia, it was more on personal care.

Kao's research revealed that in Southeast Asia a major area of concern for parents was on protecting their children from germs. Anti-bacterial products thus tend to be seen as 'family-oriented.' This insight led to the creation of the 'hygiene/family' category (all of whose products contain anti-bacterial ingredients) in addition to the existing 'beauty/personal care' line.

The brief for the brand renewal that Bravis undertook was threefold: first, to maintain Bioré's existing attributes of 'being kind to the skin'; second, to achieve a unified and easily recognizable brand look in the store; three, to make a clearly visible distinction between the 'beauty/personal care' and 'hygiene/family care' product lines.

Creative Response
We kept the Bioré logo in the same position it had been before, but divided all the packages into a white upper half and a colored lower half. This gave the products a powerful collective brand presence when set out on the store shelf.

To make clear that the beauty/personal care products were targeted at women who wanted to look better we included photographs of women using Bioré. Similarly, we expressed the anti-germ functionality of the hygiene/family product line through the inclusion of a green medical cross. To emphasize their family focus a photo of two young sisters was used.

Placing an illustration of the key ingredient above the brand name and color-coding by item increased the distinctiveness of the individual products, making it easier for the consumer to figure out which of the products line-up best matched their needs.

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