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The Expression of Tradition
Kataoka is a trading company specializing in importing upscale food and beverage products into Japan. Its line-up includes major brands such as Van Houten cocoa, Lavazza coffee and Godiva chocolates. 216 The Strand, named after the world's first specialist teashop in London, has locations in major department stores around the country and sells a range of over 60 high quality specialist teas.

Creative Response
English tradition stands at the center of the 216 The Strand brand, so Bravis developed a brand identity focused around the portico of the original teashop in London's Strand. The capital letters of the name, the Corinthian columns and the pediment all make clear that this is a classic brand of timeless quality. Gold tea caddies on the shelves around the shops recreate the ambience of a traditional teashop and project a luxurious ambience, the gold both echoing the logomark's golden lion motif and differentiating the brand from other major tea companies by color. The smaller retail packages also use gold on rich background colors to suggest sensuous enjoyment and old-fashioned luxury.

Business Benefit
Kataoka currently has 11 tea shops under the 216 The Strand brand, and is successfully pioneering an entirely new market in super-premium English tea.

- Brand Identity
- Package Design
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