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Making Tea Irresistible
London-based Twinings has over three centuries of expertise in the blending of tea. Founded in 1706, the company now sells more than 200 teas in over 100 countries worldwide. The Twinings Instant Tea series is designed to combine the benefits of convenience with the most authentic tea experience possible.

Twinings was already a strong performer in Japan's rapidly expanding instant tea mix market, but Kataoka, Twining's exclusive agent in the country, wanted to achieve even higher levels of growth. The answer, they decided, was to create attractive packaging that would seduce consumers into trying the product.

Creative Response
Bravis renewed the packaging for two existing flavor varieties (milk tea and lemon tea) and created a third (chai) from scratch. While using the same basic design format for all three flavors, we used different colors to make the packages stand out on the store shelf and to communicate a sense of variety and choice. Care was taken to achieve the right balance between the casualness of instant tea mix and the aura of quality and heritage unique to the Twinings brand.

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