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Van Houten Pure Cocoa


Kataoka & Co.'s Van Houten Cocoa is pure cocoa powder with no added milk or sugar. One of the company's longest-selling products, it is used not just for hot chocolate, but also for baking. Bravis was asked to refresh the familiar and much loved design to make it more in tune with the times.

First of all, we added sharp vertical stripes to the cream base color (cream is Van Houten's brand color) as a visual expression of 'straight cocoa.' We then created a new and unusual Van Houten logo: a circle with a thickening rim of gold, it evokes an image of the stirring of a cup of cocoa.

We kept the old dark brown and gold color combination that so successfully conveys a sense of classic quality. But the renewed design definitely increased the 'cocoa feeling' of the package.

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