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Gogo Mo Kellogg


Japan's breakfast cereal market is not expanding, and indeed the declining birthrate means that the shrinkage in the children's cereal market is particularly acute.

Gogo Mo Kellogg--which means literally, 'Kellogg in the afternoons too'--represents a bid to get growing children to eat nourishing cereal outside of the traditional breakfast scenario. Each Gogo Mo Kellogg cup contains a meal's worth of cereal plus a sachet of chocolate sauce. Just pour in some milk and it's ready to eat.

To emphasize that this is a dish to be enjoyed between meals in the afternoon, Bravis enclosed the product name in the hands of a clock pointing to 3 o'clock. This graphic was subsequently extended to Kellogg's regular breakfast cereal packaging as part of a campaign to encourage people to eat cereal in the afternoon too.

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