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Kirin Beverage

Kirin Brewery launched Ururucha, a tea made from 12 varieties of ingredients including barley, brown rice and corn, in May 2005. In Japanese the name evokes moisture ('uruoi'), and is designed to appeal to women who believe in the cleansing powers of Oriental-style teas versus dehydrating Western-style tea and coffee. When creating the package design, Bravis sought to evoke an image of multiple ingredients coming together naturally, and of the pleasant, relaxing sensations to be enjoyed at the moment of drinking.

Aware that green is the color most commonly used in this market segment, Bravis decided to go off on a different tack, using a lively yellow, with all its associations of health and vitality, as key color. The light, but nonetheless vivid and striking color tells the consumer that this a drink that will refresh and hydrate both body and soul. There is also a 'caffeine-free' icon to appeal to that growing market segment.

The well-known actress Yukie Nakama was used to advertise this product on TV.

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