• Amino Supli Vitamin Supli  (for China)1
Amino Supli Vitamin Supli  (for China)1

Amino Supli Vitamin Supli (for China)

Kirin Beverage

In August 2011, Kirin Beverage Corporation and China Resources Enterprises Limited formed a 40/60 joint venture. The resulting firm, China Resources Kirin Beverages (Greater China) Company Ltd., manufactures and distributes non-alcoholic drinks in China.

The two founding partners had complementary strengths from which synergies could be extracted. Kirin was a trusted purveyor of high-quality soft drinks in the Shanghai, Guangzhou and Beijing areas, while China Resources was a leader in mineral water in Guangdong and other major markets. The joint venture aimed to create new categories of soft drink for China's fast-growing non-alcoholic beverage market.

Bravis was asked to renew the package design for Amino Supli and Vitamin Supli, two refreshing energy drinks that were already on sale in the China market.

Same Same But Different
Amino Supli is a fruit-flavored drink that provides a rapid charge of the amino acids and electrolytes the body needs for energy. It is ideal for sports training, outdoor exercise or even brainwork.

We kept the original colors and the human figure from the original design, but made various subtle modifications to achieve a more sophisticated, metropolitan image, including giving the bottle a stylish, sinuous shape.

By making the lower half of the bottle transparent we achieved the accessible look of a typical soft drink. At the same time we boosted the visibility of the copy to get the message across about the functional benefits. In this way, we successfully reached out to consumers across multiple fronts.

Vitamin Supli, meanwhile, is a lemon-flavored drink that provides vitamins and salt to raise flagging energy levels. It is best drunk after sweating (whether through exercise or some other cause) or for rehydration at the start of the day.

We deliberately created a 'family look' to show consumers that Vitamin Supli was part of the Amino Supli brand. We used more vivid colors to emphasize the 'delicious' and 'flavor' attributes of the brand. The color gradation works as a visual metaphor, suggesting vitamins gradually being absorbed by the body.

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