• Kirin Chuhai Hyoketsu Apple Nouveau1
Kirin Chuhai Hyoketsu Apple Nouveau1

Kirin Chuhai Hyoketsu Apple Nouveau

Kirin Beverage

Released in late 2011, Apple Nouveau was a limited edition variety of Kirin Chuhai Hyoketsu. (Chuhai is a cocktail of shochu, soda water and fruit juice.)

After the Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami of March 11, 2011, the Kirin Group wanted to contribute to the revival of the disaster-stricken area. The company therefore launched the Kirin Kizuna Project to support Tohoku (northeastern Japan). Creating a special chuhai using freshly picked apples from Tohoku was one way Kirin felt they could boost the region's fortunes.

Bravis was given a threefold design brief: one, to get across that this was a special, limited-time-only product; two, to make the package colorful and lively; and three, to project the image of a Tohoku apple farm.

The use of a flamboyant red and gold color scheme makes clear that Apple Nouveau is a special, limited-edition product; the illustrations of the apple and the apple orchard evoke not just the flavor of the fruit, but the many orchards in the Tohoku region. The crucial link to the earthquake-devastated zone is reinforced by the subtitle: 'Made from 2011 Tohoku Apples.'

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