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For tax purposes, beer in Japan is defined as being made with 67% or more of malt. This inspired the country's beer makers to create what is called 'second-category beer'--beer that could be sold at a cheaper price because it used less malt than specified in the tax code. When the government responded by raising taxes on beer even when made with lower levels of malt, the beer makers fired back by developing a third category of beer which used soy protein instead of malt.

BKirin's Beverage's Nodogoshi-Nama is one of these third-category beers. The white upper part of the can is designed to evoke the foaming white head on a freshly poured mug of beer. The name, meanwhile, is printed like a quality stamp to send a reassuring message of traditional Kirin quality to the consumer. This message is further reinforced by the kirin, the mythical beast that has been the symbol of the brewery for over a century.

Since its launch in April 2004, Nodogoshi-Nama has beaten out all rivals to be the top-selling brand in beers of the third category.

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