• Kirin Chuhai Hyoketsu Ice Vodka1
Kirin Chuhai Hyoketsu Ice Vodka1

Kirin Chuhai Hyoketsu Ice Vodka

Kirin Brewery

Chuhai is a popular alcoholic drink made from shochu, soda water and fruit juice. Kirin Brewery launched Hyoketsu--the name literally means 'ice crystal'--in July 2001 and the brand enjoys overwhelming dominance in its category. Kirin has since introduced a range of brand extensions, one of which was this non-sweet mix of premium vodka and natural soda water targeted at the adult market.

To signal that this was an exciting new entrant to the alcoholic drinks market, we added extra pizzazz to the classic Hyoketsu design with a graphic showing a great splash as an ice cube is flung into a drink. Use of blue, the Hyoketsu brand color, gave a sense of coolness and translucence.

- Package Design
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