• Kaori Makkoi Umeshu Sodawari1
Kaori Makkoi Umeshu Sodawari1

Kaori Makkoi Umeshu Sodawari

Kirin Brewery

To address the growing market for umeshu (a Japanese plum liquer that is particularly popular with women) drinks, Kirin launched this low-alcohol canned drink as part of their Makkoi umeshu line-up. (Kaori Makkoi Umeshu Sodawari means 'Makkoi Fragrant Umeshu with Soda.')

Brightly colored and dotted with blossoms and other small shapes, the package suggests the fizzing and sparkling of soda water. The centerpiece, a large oval, evokes the shape of the ume plum. Use of a metallic color for the background completes the impression of something flowery, fun and fabulous.

- Package Design
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