• Kirin Chuhai Hyoketsu Yasashii Kajitsu No 3%1
Kirin Chuhai Hyoketsu Yasashii Kajitsu No 3%1

Kirin Chuhai Hyoketsu Yasashii Kajitsu No 3%

Kirin Brewery

Chuhai is a popular alcoholic drink made from shochu, soda water and fruit juice. Kirin Brewery launched Hyoketsu--the name literally means 'ice crystal'--in July 2001. Kirin regularly adds to the lineup of the brand which enjoys overwhelming dominance in its category.

Hyoketsu Yasashii Kajitsu no 3% ('Hyoketsu Mild Fruit 3%') is targeted at the rapidly expanding market for drinks with an alcohol level of 3% or under. It keeps the original Hyoketsu taste but adds extra-fine soda bubbles for a mellow and mild drinking experience.

The drink is offered in three flavors: Fragrant Pink Grapefruit, Fragrant Grape and Yuzumitsu Sour (with yuzu and honey). While most of the Hyoketsu line-up comes in a masculine silver and blue design, we emphasized the mellow drinkability and low-alcohol aspect of Yasashii Kajitsu through the use of pastel colors, with white for the background. We did however retain the Hyoketsu logo and signature 'diamond cut' can, to create a look that, while new, remains based Hyoketsu's well-established brand identity.

We also placed three key items of information--the alcohol level, the number of calories, and the flavor--in a single group, so that consumers can immediately grasp the product profile.

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