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LIXIL Visual Identity Development1

LIXIL Visual Identity Development


Link to Good Living
LIXIL is the new group brand of the Juseikatsu Group. The Juseikatsu Group (Juseikatsu
means 'living environment' in Japanese) was formed by the merger of Tostem and Inax in 2001.

The group had previously emphasized the independence of its two constituent companies by using the 'Will Link Bridge,' a mark which featured the corporate colors of Inax and Tostem and expressed their links with the various stakeholders. But with dramatic changes sweeping through the business environment in which it operates, the group realized that the time had come to present itself not as a collection of independent entities but as an integrated living environment services group.

Creative Response

The name LIXIL balances the first two letters of 'Life' and 'Live' around an 'X' that expresses the idea of new possibilities. The name says clearly that LIXIL is a company that will surpass your expectations. The simple, symmetrical logo is friendly and accessible, a characteristic reinforced by the soft corners of the Ls.

The orange color symbolizes the warmth of the houses and the people who live in them, while the gray evokes the values of care for the environment and the advanced technology needed to put those values into action.

The sides of the letter 'X' also resemble two arrows pointing at one another, expressing the mutuality of the interlinked elements of 'good living.' Overall, this logo manages to feel simultaneously sophisticated and intimate.

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