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Freshening up a Product Category
Meiji Seika, a leading confectionery manufacturer, had created a new kind of breath-freshening mint that dissolved on the tongue with unprecedented speed. The product category had a poor image and a limited market, being irrevocably associated with the middle-aged 'salaryman'. Meiji wanted to develop a more unisex image to make the product acceptable to young men and women.

Creative Response
The first step for Bravis was to create an arresting name that conveyed the unique qualities of the mint. The short and punchy 'Quix' quite clearly succeeds in communicating the speed with which the mint dissolves, while the unusual letters Q and X make for visual impact. The package uses a pattern of pale green and blue polka dots to echo the shape of the mint capsules, while also evoking freshness and cleanliness. Bravis helped Meiji Seika extend the market for breath-freshening products by creating an identity that young men and women could feel happy with.

- Brand Identity
- Name Creation
- Physical Package
- Package Design
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