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More than a Regular Chocolate
Meiji Seika had created a new type of chocolate: square-shaped three-layered crisps with a coating of bitter chocolate, they were a sophisticated snack targeted at the adult market. Meiji needed a brand name to communicate the characteristics of their new product.

Creative Response
Bravis created a range of name candidates in English and Japanese reflecting the different product attributes (such as 'Crunchy', 'Square Shape', 'Bitter Chocolate' and 'Sophisticated Taste'). Since a confectionery package is small, Bravis developed only short, simple and easy to understand names that would grab the shopper's attention right away. 'Rega' (derived from the English word 'Regular') fulfilled the criteria of brevity and simplicity, while simultaneously describing the unique square shape of the chocolate.

Business Benefit
Launched in western Japan, Rega has reached Tokyo and can be seen on the shelves of any convenience store.

- Package Design
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