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In the 1970s, Meiji Dairies teamed up with the government of Bulgaria to bring the know-how to make traditional and healthy yoghurt to Japan. The fruit of this partnership was Meiji Bulgaria Yoghurt which, since its debut, has been the market leader thanks to its reputation for authenticity. Like all other long-lived brands, Bulgaria has retained the same brand identity over the years but with modifications to ensure it is always in tune with the changing times.

Not only has Bravis retouched the Bulgaria brand identity to keep it up to date, we have also developed the packaging for numerous brand extensions such as flavored yoghurt, yoghurt cake, frozen yoghurt, yoghurt drinks and yoghurt desserts.

Bulgaria Yoghurt LB81 Plain (on the right) is light and refreshing to the taste, while

Bulgaria Yoghurt LB81 Sono Mama de Plain (on the left) is slightly more rustic in style, being a little richer with a smoother, fuller texture ('sono mama' is the Japanese for 'as it comes,' or 'natural'). While preserving the core image of the Bulgaria Yoghurt family, the handling and gradations of the blue color communicate the differences in taste and texture.

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