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Mercian is one of Japan's best-known makers of alcoholic beverages and holds the No.2 position in the domestic wine market.

It recently developed not only a new Eau de Vie made from the finest selected fruit at its Karuizawa distillery, but an Eau De Vie Cocktail which gave full play to the delicious fruit flavors.

As the Eau De Vie was targeted primarily at the trade (bars, restaurants etc.), Bravis wanted to create a design that managed to be impactful and original at the same time as emphasizing orthodoxy and authenticity. The result was a transparent label decorated with a botanical illustration of fruit--a simple, unique design which combines tradition and novelty.

By contrast, since the Eau De Vie Cocktail was all about authentic fruit flavors, Bravis merged the picture of the fruit and the product logo mark into a single symbol to express luxurious enjoyment.

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