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Morishita Jintan

Emotion Versus Function
Morishita Jintan's Medicare brand has been a leader in the hygiene products category since 1981. Recently, however, the firm's sales have been declining slightly under the pressure of improved offerings from competitors and the advent of low-cost private brands.

Bravis was asked to use the launch of new Medicare products as an opportunity to reinvigorate the whole brand. Other brands were basing their appeal solely on functionality, so Medicare decided to fight back with a different strategy based on communicating the emotional aspects of the brand.

Creative Response
First Bravis came up with a brand statement: 'Medicare: It's what you can do for the family you love.' We then created a friendly, handwritten mark based on the letter 'M.' This look was used systematically on more than 20 different product packages. Bright and cheerful colors, along with simple, cuddly illustrations explaining the products were also introduced. The warm, human design successfully made Medicare stand out from competitor products with their tedious insistence on basic functionality.

Outside the Medicare series, Morishita Jintan also asked Bravis to design the packaging for spray and cream products for mouth sores, gum problems and impetigo.

Since the new products addressed small groups of people with very specific symptoms, the focus of the design was on clearly communicating exactly what the products do.

We deliberately used strongly contrasting colors and simple illustrations to make sure that the symptoms the product addressed stood out even more prominently than the product name. We used blue for the entire line-up for two reasons: first, blue suggests the cooling, soothing effect the products have on painful inflammation; second, by using a single color we create the sense of a single consistent product category.

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