• Memoto Kuchimoto Packsheet1
Memoto Kuchimoto Packsheet1

Memoto Kuchimoto Packsheet

Morishita Jintan

Founded in 1893 and established in 1936, Osaka-based Morishita Jintan is world famous for its encapsulation technology. Active in oral care, confectionery, food, health foods, pharmaceuticals and toiletries, it produces facial care products for MK Customer, the own-brand of Matsumoto Kiyoshi, Japan's largest drug store chain.

Bravis was in charge of the package renewal for Kuchi Moto Pack Sheets and Me Moto Pack Sheets (adhesive patches for the area around the eyes and mouth, respectively).

In both cases we used a photograph of a woman with the facial pads in place as the main visual element. The upper part of the package is in dark blue flecked with stars to make clear that this is a product that nourishes your skin at night while you are sleeping. The rippling water to the right of the model expresses the idea of fresh, moist skin.

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