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Thinking out of the Box
Mouse Computer is a direct sale computer vendor selling custom-made computers through an online shop and a small number of dedicated outlets. Its goal is to offer value for money ? Mouse was the first vendor to offer the $300 PC in Japan ? while providing customers with exactly the specifications that they want.

Creative Response
The company slogan 'Get your ideal' reflects this devotion to individualized service.To stand out in a market dominated by large, monolithic firms, Bravis created an original and whimsical visual identity based on the company name to reflect the uniquely personal nature of Mouse Computer's service. Packaging was among the applications we created using a mouse and cheese design. This means that customers unpack their Mouse computer from a large yellow cheese-shaped box, a humorous touch that expresses the off-beat nature of the company while also helping to build the brand.

- Brand Identity
- Design System & Application
- Brand Identity Manual
- Package Design
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