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A Natural Leader
Nishikawa Rubber Co. is a global leader with top global market share for sealing products for automobiles. Management was keen to extend its expertise in foaming technology from the sealing business to the creation of new, environment-friendly products. The result was the konjak sponge. Nishikawa Rubber's Natulove division had been selling the konjak sponges for some time, but the image of the whole product category had taken a nosedive due to cheap, low-quality products put out by competitors, and the Natulove brand was being undermined.

When in 2005 Natulove Inc. was established as a standalone company, Bravis was entrusted with reinvigorating the konjak sponge and make-up line brands. Bravis' response was to develop the Aqua Conditioner name and brand identity to communicate the quality and naturalness of Natulove's products. The graphic element of the leaf and the deep green color evoke a clear image of lush nature while the brand logo is handwritten to give a soft, person-to-person effect appropriate for products so gentle that babies and people with hyper-sensitive skin can make use of them.

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