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A Bridge Brand
NEC personal computers sold in Japan were originally not based on Microsoft's Windows operating system, but on NEC's own proprietary system. As Microsoft became the global standard, Japanese consumers started to demand PCs that were Windows-compatible: NEC's response was PC98NX and they turned to Bravis to develop a brand identity to communicate the important new system.

Creative Response
Bravis created a new bridge brand that presents the old PC98 brand as a rider or endorsement of the new NX brand, with the relative sizes making it quite clear that it is NX that represents the future of personal computing. The limitless potential of the new system is emphasized by the top of the X flowing into space, while the purple color and soft drop shadow express simplicity and ease of use.

The NX system was incorporated into the range of NEC computers and we designed the boxes for the desktop Valuestar NX, the laptop La Vie NX and other models, as well as all product manuals and trouble-shooting guidebooks.

- Brand Identity
- Brand Identity Manual
- Design System & Application
- Package Design
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