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Bravis was commissioned by Nestle to design the packages for a variety of bottles coffees. We produced a boxed gift set (including Ethiopean Blue, a brand for which we also developed the name), as well as Special Roast, Acapulco and Nescafe Four. We also designed the packaging for Nescafe Ice Cool, the coffee drink concentrate.

- Name Creation
- Package Design
Nestle Other Project
- Nescafe Excella
- Nescafe Excella Bottle Coffee
- Nescafe Excella Hokkaido no Bokujo Caffè Latte
- Maroyaka Latte Ga Tsukureru Excella
- Nescafé Excella Ice Low Sugar
- Nescafe Home Café Premium
- Homecafe
- Nescafe Barista
- Nestle KitKat
- Nescafe Brite
- Nescafe
- Nestea Series
- Nestlé Brite Quatre Feuilles
- Nestlé Brite Café à la Carte
- KonKonsui
- Nestle KitKat Otona no Amasa
- Nestlé KitKat Otona no Amasa White
- Nestle' KitKat Otona no Amasa Green Tea / Raspberry
- Nestlé Krematop
- Resource PemPal

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