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A Global Brand goes Local Perrier
Japon sells a number of leading international mineral water brands in Japan, including Perrier, Vittel and San Pellegrino. They wanted to move into the market for local non-imported water with the launch of a mineral spring water sourced from near Mount Fuji and turned to Bravis for help in creating a new brand.

Creative Response
Bravis worked with Perrier to develop a complete brand identity, covering the name, label and bottle design. Our naming team prepared over 60 possible names (ranging from traditional Japanese to more modern sounding English names) from which KonKonSui, which vividly evokes the sound of water gushing from a spring, was selected. We then went on to create a cool blue label that makes a clear promise of refreshment. And finally, the bottle was sculpted to resemble a fountain of water bursting from a spring, meaning that the package itself is working to reinforce the overall brand personality.

Business Benefit
Perrier succeeded in establishing a local mineral water with a distinctive brand personality in the crowded Japanese marketplace. (Note that the brand name has subsequently been adapted to KonKonYuSui.)

- Brand Identity
- Name Creation
- Physical Package
- Package Design
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