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Nescafé Barista is an innovative machine that uses soluble instant coffee to create a full café menu of five types of coffee, including espresso, café latte and cappuccino.

Bravis created the Barista brandmark and designed the package when the product first launched in April 2009. The original package was designed to project the idea of 'truly delicious coffee,' but when Nestlé renewed the package in 2012, their goals were somewhat different. They wanted to get across the idea of Barista as a breakthrough solution; the key concepts this time around were 'a new way of enjoying coffee' and 'contemporary and stylish design.'

By using the different faces of the package to communicate different information about the product, we were able to present a large amount of information in a simple, efficient and attractive way. The front panel, for example, is devoted to showcasing the innovative coffee machine, while the side panel displays the five kinds of coffee it can make.

Breaking the background of the box into a format of four different color squares strengthens the Barista brand image and delivers massive visual impact when multiple boxes are lined up on store shelves.

The machines themselves are available in three colors: white, red, and limited-edition premium red. In addition to different coloration, the premium red edition has a gold, handwritten logo to suggest its deluxe status.

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