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Nescafe Excella Bottle Coffee


Nescafé Excella Bottle Coffee is ice coffee with a robust flavor and a rich coffee fragrance. Nestlé wanted to reinforce Excella's image as 'a coffee that tastes great when milk is added for a café latte.'

Drinking coffee with generous quantities of fresh milk has become popular in Japan recently. The trend is especially pronounced among young consumers who like full-bodied coffee but dislike any bitterness of taste.

Eager to address the needs of this burgeoning segment, Nestlé asked Bravis to create a package that clearly said: 'This coffee goes great with milk' and 'This coffee makes a full-bodied but mellow latte.'

The design we came up with functions on two levels. To avoid driving away traditional consumers who like their coffee straight, we opted for a picture showing the milk being poured into a glass of coffee. Paradoxically, this scene of 'milk in motion' only makes the idea of café latte even more enticing to fans of the drink.

The transparent glass contrasts nicely with the fullness of the milk and helps evoke the coolness of ice coffee. The handful of coffee beans in the background suggest the taste of a rich, full-bodied roast.

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