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Launched in 1979, Nestlé Krematop is a liquid coffee creamer designed to bring out the taste and aroma of coffee.

Nestlé wanted the package updated so as to boost the number of consumers who would 'consider or try' the product. The idea was to leverage Krematop's brand assets--a high-quality, upscale image coupled with a reputation for making coffee taste even better--to further pique shoppers' curiosity.

In order to persuade consumers to think about trying Krematop for the first time, we needed to make them understand that it offers different product benefits to other creamers or to milk. Aside from its basic function of making coffee taste milder, Krematop, uniquely, makes it taste better. Krematop offers a superior coffee-drinking experience: that was the change in consumer perception we had to engineer.

Bravis selected deep sepia for the key color of the brand. Triggering associations with upscale cafés, the color expresses the brand concepts of 'indulging yourself, doing things in your own way and enjoying genuine quality time.'

The new design was created to be compatible with a range of pre-existing brand extensions, thus reinforcing the overall Krematop brand image.

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