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Nestlé Brite Café à la Carte1

Nestlé Brite Café à la Carte


Nestlé Brite Café à la Carte is foamy flavored creamer powder that can be added to a regular cup of coffee to transform it into a delicious dessert-like treat.

More and more people are enjoying elaborate flavored coffee drinks in cafés, but the idea persists that they are 'difficult to make' or 'take time to make.' As a result, less than 20 percent of the people who order flavored coffee in cafés have ever tried to make them at home.

As the majority of café visitors only drink ordinary coffee at home (rather than cappuccinos, espressos etc.), Nestlé decided that making a flavored creamer that could be added to regular coffee to create a café menu at home would be the best way to address the home market.

Bravis created a package design that got across the two key messages: (1) these creamers work with regular coffee and (2) making a nice foamy latte is easy. We deliberately used different colors for the different flavors (vanilla cappuccino, caramel chocolate, double chocolate) to suggest a range of choice equal to any café menu.

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