• Nescafé Excella Ice Low Sugar1
Nescafé Excella Ice Low Sugar1

Nescafé Excella Ice Low Sugar


A low-sugar ice coffee with a clear aftertaste, Nescafé Excella Ice Coffee is the perfect drink for the hot summer months in Japan. While traditionally the main brand color of Excella products is black, our design renewal made deliberate use of blue to project a summery feel. (This product is only sold in the summer.)

The most important goal for us was to get across the idea of 'cool and refreshing.' Why? Because those are the properties that what would best persuade consumers to buy the product in the sweltering summer months.

The glass, which is sitting on a bed of ice, is depicted at a large size to evoke the coldness and sharp taste of ice coffee as vividly as possible. Notice how the coffee is being poured in with abandon on one side of the glass and splashing out of the other to suggest a vigorous response to the onslaught of a hot summer! The upper case ICE logo is also placed at a dynamic diagonal to further boost the message of cool refreshment.

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