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Branding to Smile About
Cadbury, a significant force in the Japanese chewing-gum market with its Recaldent and Clorets brands, wanted to build a new brand from scratch. The plan was to market the new gum - which was low calorie and had the effect of keeping users' teeth white - less like confectionery and more like a cosmetic. Teenage girls and women in their early twenties made up the target market.

Creative Response
As a first step, Bravis created the cute brand name 'Whiteen'. Combining the promise of whiter teeth with the first syllable of 'teenager', the name's youthful appeal was further reinforced by the use of a slim, sans-serif font for the logo. The package design mixed a very feminine pink (to express the strawberry flavor) with white starbursts (to evoke sparklingly clean teeth). Special hologram paper was used so that the package itself actually sparkled, communicating the product benefit in the most direct way.

Business Benefit Whiteen made its debut in spring 2003 and went on to become the fourth best-selling chewing gum across all categories in Japan. A second flavor, Baby Blue Mint, was launched five months later and kept the brand momentum at a high pitch. Despite intensifying competition, Whiteen still dominates the category it created.

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