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Kishiri Crystal Café Café1

Kishiri Crystal Café Café

Nihon Kraft Foods

To mark the tenth anniversary of the Kishiri Crystal candy brand, Kraft created a new kind of dessert candy targeted at women. It was inspired by rich coffee-flavored drinks and deserts--hence the name Café Café.

Since Café Café is a sub-brand of the main Kishiri Crystal line, Bravis' chief aim was to communicate the product straightforwardly to the consumer. The cute and casual logotype for the brand name was designed to evoke the handwritten "coffee of the day" lists on café blackboards. This, together with the large and appetizing picture in the center of the package, projected an aura of a quality dessert for the adult consumer.

As a further signifier of tip-top quality, we used a new kind of embossed package material. The result was a package that said to women in their twenties and thirties: 'If you want a really nice, special treat, Café Café is the way to go.'

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