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Ishigama Kobo Pizza

Nippon Meat Packers

Nippon Ham's Ishigama Kobo Pizza--the name means 'Handmade Stone-oven Pizza'-- is the top-selling brand in the chilled pizza market. It is an authentic crispy Roman pizza, made with Italian salt and using naturally fermented yeast.

The product name conveys the idea of being able to enjoy a handmade and hand-cooked pizza at home with the minimum of fuss. To communicate this, we chose a picture of a freshly baked pizza emerging from the oven as the key visual element. The Margarita pizza was originally inspired by the three-color Italian flag, combining the red of tomato sauce, the green of basil and the white of mozzarella cheese. That was why we decided to display these three key ingredients prominently state just above the PVC window. The flames and piping-hot steam in the background are another striking visual element which evoke the moment of highest anticipation before eating..

The range also includes a Quattro Formagi (Four Cheeses) pizza. A rich pizza made with mozzarella, parmesan, cream cheese and gouda, it is presented as appetizingly as possible, with glistening strings of melted cheese stretching temptingly out, and steam rising from its surface to conjure that delicious, piping-hot quality. For the background, colored silk is used to send a message of quality and luxury; the color of the silk changes according to the flavor of the pizza.

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