• Chuka Meisai Series1
Chuka Meisai Series1

Chuka Meisai Series

Nippon Meat Packers

Nippon Ham's Chuka Meisai series of classic Chinese dishes is the bestselling brand in its category. As part of an overall brand renewal, the first three dishes to be redesigned were beef with bamboo shoots and oyster sauce in soup, pork with bamboo shoots, sweet soybean paste and beans, and shrimp with chili sauce.

Bravis divided the packages into two bands. The upper band features the name of the dish at a highly readable size set against a category color. A gold banner between the two bands explains the product characteristics in the most simple and direct terms ('Just add X' or 'Just heat up for X minutes'). The lower band has a photograph of someone picking up their first mouthful of the freshly prepared dish with their chopsticks. We deliberately chose the moment when anticipation is poised to turn into gratification to add psychological zest to what is already a tempting-looking image.

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