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Nissan Motor

In 2006, Nissan Motor launched an own-brand secondhand car business based on an entirely new concept. It was Bravis that developed both the verbal and the visual identity.

The name 'Carminal' is an original coinage and was created by combining the words 'Car' and 'Terminal' (meaning a place where people gather and things are stored). 'Terminal' is also associated with starting out on journeys, and the name thus evokes a place where people can find the cars that will take them off to all sorts of new places and experiences. Reminiscent of 'Carnival,' the name also has a strong element of fun and enjoyment.

The distinctive logo represents a line of parked cars in a stylized manner that suggests a network―as well as the more than 100 different cars that every branch of Carminal has in stock at any one time. The color gradation, shading from red to orange to yellow, symbolizes the breadth of the customer base from single women to whole families, as well as the pleasure they experience in finding the car of their dreams at a very reasonable price. The first outlet of Carminal opened in Sendai, north Japan, on January 2, 2006.

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