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Nissan Motor

Part of the "Nissan Value Up Plan" to revive Nissan Motors was to increase the volume of LCV (Light Commercial Vehicles). In April 2004, the LCV Section was created.

Bravis was asked to create the symbol mark of this new Nissan Motors' section. The new symbol mark is showing very clearly what service this section provides : selling vans and trucks. It expresses the LCV section's innovative spirit. The simplicity of the mark makes it stand out within the crowded cities' shops signs. The use of red is to refer to Nissan's brand color and to express the passion for the LCV business.

Not only the LCV Section logo was designed, but also the mark for the LCV Professional Shop. The professional shop was created to showcase the vehicles and allow the customers to try them, and get the information from LCV experts.The LCV Section logo was broadcasted on a wide range of medias.

- Brand Identity
- Design System & Application
- Brand Identity Manual
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