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Nissan Motor

A Readily Understood Name
For Japanese automakers, the biennial Tokyo Motorshow presents an opportunity to garner extensive press coverage with both production and concept cars. The resurgent Nissan is no exception, and the company unveiled a total of eight concept cars at the 2003 Motorshow of which this was one.

The concept behind the bulbous, dinghy-like car is the ability to escape from the stress of city life by zooming off into the country or to the seaside. Unlike most convertibles which are two-seaters, this model, with its unique retractable roof panels, is able to accommodate four adults in comfort, making it perfect for a group of friends who want to go off on a trip together.

Creative Response
In response to the brief, Bravis developed hundreds of names focusing on the four key themes of 'Freedom', 'Fun', 'Compact but Rugged' and 'Nature'. 'Redigo', which is derived from the English phrase 'Ready to go', was felt to capture the impulsive, fun-loving spirit of the car while also being easy for both Japanese and foreign audiences to understand.

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