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Nissan Motor

Nissan Motor was the only automobile company to participate in CEATEC JAPAN 2009, an annual exhibition showcasing cutting-edge electronic and information technologies.

In the course of their quest to develop a collision-free car, Nissan's researchers were impressed by the behavior patterns of schools of fish. So much so, in fact, that the way fish move in great numbers without bumping into one another served as the inspiration behind EPORO, the robot car concept. Nissan exhibited seven such EPORO robots in its CEATEC booth.

EPORO uses communication technologies to sense its own surroundings, shares this information with its fellows, and makes the necessary decisions to avoid any obstacles. Meanwhile each of the seven robots has a different color to give them individuality, and reflect the fact that, in the real world, different drivers have different characters.

An abbreviation of 'Episode 0 (Zero) Robot,' the name EPORO communicates the idea of a car that avoids all accidents and emits zero carbon dioxide. The two Os evoke not just the car's wheels, but also the robot's eyes, darting around as they detect obstacles. The arrangement of the letters in the name is visually striking, while its gentle, playful sound guarantees a positive response from children and other demographics.

Nissan EPORO (YouTube)

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