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EV Does It
Nissan unveiled the Townpod concept car, a compact electric vehicle (EV), at the 2010 Paris Motor Show.

Only Nissan's second zero-emission vehicle after the celebrated LEAF, the Townpod targets a new breed of young entrepreneur 'for whom business is a pleasure.' It is a genre-buster that fuses the comfort and style of a passenger car with the businesslike utility of a light commercial vehicle.

The versatile Townpod offers generous interior space, rear hinged rear doors and split trunk doors for easy access, and a low flat floor with a long sliding rear seat for plenty of storage. Nissan likened the vehicle to a white tee-shirt: simple and casual when worn by itself, it can be smart and businesslike when worn with a suit.

Creative Response
Bravis developed the Townpod name. The 'Town' element alludes to the target audience of urban professionals, the 'Pod' part to the abundance of storage space. As Nissan's zero-emission vehicles have minimal environmental impact, the company consciously incorporates nature words (such as LEAF) into all its EV names. That is why 'Pod' deliberately references the natural world--as in 'peas in a pod.'

We took care to create an identity simple enough to be understood by people the world over.

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